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Welcome to rayspenglerbooks.


While you can simply click on the pages shown on the left to see my offerings, I’ve provided this home page as a one-stop source for general information relating to those works. It is here that I hope to answer the following questions for the reader.


- What genres do I write in?

- What authors inspire my writing?

- What type of reader might be interested in my works?

- What am I working on for future publication?


First of all, let me state that I work very hard to produce a quality product. Although all of my works are all self-published to-date, I strive to construct manuscripts free of any serious grammar and punctuation errors. I also work tirelessly to generate content that holds the reader’s interest. I believe that the reviews accompanying the descriptions in the MY BOOKS pages duly attest to that. Now, let’s get to it.



- What genres do I write in?


When I wrote my memoir, ALWAYS YEARNING, I had no idea that I’d be interested in writing other works. After all, I was employed as an electrical engineer, had a home and family to nurture, and as a private pilot, I enjoyed any spare time flying my Cessna.


But I found that initial writing effort to be extremely stimulating. And, as I began thinking about various novels that I’ve read, and wondering how those authors might have generated the ideas for their works, I decided to see if I, too, might be able to develop such plots.


It didn’t take long. I found that if I set the right mood, the right music, the right drink and the right lighting, I could draw out small situations in my mind that could be plots for a novel. Mind you, they were basically free-thought scribbles: many, many scribbles that, in the light of day, often caused me to scratch my head in bewilderment. Nevertheless, ideas did come and I actually began writing.


With maybe the core ideas for a half dozen novels tormenting me, I discovered that most were mysteries, with a dose of romance added. These were third-person, plot driven works.  But there were also several character driven projects where the narrator had to stay in the protagonist’s head and couldn’t jump around. In other words, the lead character was in every scene and the work revolved solely around what only he thought, did, felt, saw, heard or said.


Nevertheless, even though my manuscriptes were not strict who-done-its, most tended toward being romantic mysteries and that became be my genre niche.



- What authors inspire my writing?


I enjoy reading novels that are fast-paced: page-turners, if you will. Historical fiction is usually not my cup of tea, as there needs to be accurate descriptions of times, places, dress, and the like. To me, these elements tend to draw me out of the plot and I lose interest. Of course, to others, those elements add to it, inviting the reader to be further immersed in each scene.


Then, there is showing versus telling. The former is always better when writing a novel, but it can sometimes be taken to extreme and slow the pace too much. It all depends on the author’s purpose for it. As a poor example, if a gun is about to be fired and the would be killer suddenly considers the fragrant wisp of mature germaniums set in a vast bed of flora off to his side, there had better be a good reason for me to try to sense that aroma; else the writer has lost me.


Finally, the words themselves. A big word can give character to a phrase, to possibly elevate the discourse. I really have no qualm with that, especially if the meaning might be at least somewhat obvious, but if I have to look it up, and do that more than once for a given novel, I sometimes just close the book.


Two authors who keep me interested in their works are Sidney Sheldon and Stuart Woods. Not that I actually mirror their writing style or plots, but I do enjoy the characters, the pace, the twists, the scene structures, the dialogue and other elements that flavor the work. There are additional authors that I enjoy, of course, but many are inconsistent when it comes to their meeting my level of satisfaction with their works.



- What type of reader might be interested in my works?


As human beings we are all wired differently. Yet, there are areas of enjoyment common to each group of individuals. If you are in any way inclined to take pleasure in the elements that I describe above, then I expect that I’ll draw you in with my novels. Loving relationships, physical and verbal battles, twists, turns, and teases are all designed to hold your attention.


In real life we might sometimes confront situations that call for some spiritual help, or we might have to deal with something we don’t quite understand. My plots, though down to earth, will sometimes embrace an element of the odd or strange that people often accept without question. After all, many readers might have had inexplicable, unique experiences, themselves.


And yes, there exists adult situations in my works even as they happen in real life. Whether it’s coarse language or sexual encounters, they are all set in appropriate context and not designed to appeal solely to prurient interest. I also believe in satisfying endings for my works. They may not all reflect what the reader was anticipating, but I will always try to present a closing that the reader can appreciate.



- What am I working on for future publication?


One thing that makes a good writer, good, is that he never stops writing. Thus, I continue working on several manuscripts. And while I might first attempt to attract an agent in order to publish commercially, each new work will eventually be published, one way or another.

To see each of my published works, simply select the pages on the left. Please note that some novels are becoming available in e-book format.


Thanks, and happy reading.